The Team grows…

Hi, I'm Jon, 36 years old. Since the sprint in Vienna, I'm a proud member of the Neos Team

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Back in 2013, I had my first touch point with Neos. A dream for me came true: Finally, I was able to create easy-to-use websites. Not only for the visitor but also for the editor. Since then many things happened: I wrote several packages (some of them you may now, e. g. Jonnitto.Plyr or Jonnitto.PrettyEmbedYoutube), moved from Switzerland (dotpulse) to Austria (gesagt.getan.) and became the father of a beautiful daughter. At the sprint in Vienna, I got asked if I want to join the Neos Team. Of course! For me, it is a huge honor to be part of the team of this great CMS.

Great community, awesome people, outstanding project.

As I'm not a classic PHP-developer, I will focus more on some Frontend Stuff, support people, enhance packages.

A small hint at the end: You should take your chance and join a Sprint. Everyone has a passion. Everyone a special gift. Even when you are not a coder, I'm sure you can contribute your essential part to this excellent project.

Jon Uhlmann

Me, right at the moment Christan Müller made the announcement that I'll join the Neos Team