The Neos IntelliJ and PHPStorm Plugin

Neos now has its own plugin for JetBrains-IDEs like IntelliJ and PHPStorm. It brings functionality that makes using Neos a breeze, such as Fusion syntax highlighting, advanced Node Type navigation, code completion, and much more.

A Better Workflow for Neos Developers

The JetBrains products are among the most commonly used IDEs in our community; however we've been lacking specific tooling so far. Consequently, Neos contributor Christian Vette has created a plugin with lots of useful features for Neos developers. It is still work in progress (which means you can contribute!), but many Neos community members are already using it successfully. Here's an example of the navigation and syntax highlighting in Fusion. Excited yet? Go directly to the the Neos IntelliJ plugin.

CMD + click any Fusion prototypes to navigate to the prototype definition.

After you installed the plugin, you will receive a popup for each new project, asking you to enable Neos support. For existing projects, you can enable the plugin per-project manually in the settings. You may need to execute "File > Invalidate Caches/Restart" for all features to work correctly if you enable the plugin for existing projects.