Your chance to help us shine: support our brand development!

Work for our new branding is well underway - now is your chance to help us make it awesome by supporting our funding. Get a premium or standard brand-supporter badge and you will be featured during Inspiring Con!

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We have been working hard the last couple of months kickstarting a branding for Neos and have taken the first steps towards a unique visual identity for Neos. This will make it much easier for agencies to market Neos as a product. We believe, that the branding will also help to strengthen and grow our community, by providing something far more emotional to connect to than just the name.

To achieve our goal we need your financial support to take the next big steps to finalize the Neos branding. We have prepared two badges that you can buy from our funding platform:

Neos Brand-Supporter Badges

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Join the supporters of Neos and help us to develop a unique and outstanding brand!

The new brand will be announced during Inspiring Con and all brand supporters will be highlighted during the talk. Premium supporters will additionally be featured on with their logo and link to their website.

Thank you so much for supporting Neos!