Sponsor the Neos Frankfurt Sprint

The Neos Team and many new and old contributors will meet for a whole week end of September. You can sponsor food and travel, and we'll sponsor our time!

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Neos Sprint 2013

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It's sprint time again: about 20 Neos contributors will meet from September 21st until September 26th in Frankfurt, Germany, in order to discuss and plan the contribution and feature roadmap, project structure and processes and, yes, get some actual hacking done in order to proceed with the next versions of Neos and Flow.

DE-CIX will kindly support the location, drinks and most of the needed rooms for this sprint, and the team and further contributors will of course donate their time they dedicate to the Neos Project during this week. Still, Frankfurt is an expensive city (even more so during fair time) and we'd be very happy if we could offer sprint participants to cover travel expenses, lodging and maybe a dinner or two.

If you can't make it to the sprint in person, you can support us by buying our brand new Frankfurt Sprint Support Badge!

The badge is worth 300 € and helps us paying expenses for this sprint (or, if we sell more badges than needed, for future expenses). The badge is sold through our new funding platform (see News article).

Once the platform is in shape, you'll of course be listed as a do-gooder for the Neos Project!

Thank you already for supporting Neos and Flow!


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