Open Minds Award 2018

It’s time for Neos CMS to hit new stages

We are happy to announce that Neos CMS will be part of the Open Minds Award in Austria this fall. Among other great open source content management systems like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla, we participate in the category “Open Content Management”.

The basic aim of this award category is to make the effort which people invest in their communities in order to push the project forward visible. But it’s also about people who share the same enthusiasm we have and who see the potential the project and the community have and push it to new boundaries.

We are also very happy to announce that the event will take place during the Neos CMS team sprint week in Salzburg and many community folks will join the award ceremony. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet team members just get your ticket with the discount code "IPPY_NEO" and we’ll see you there.

By the way: If you have friends or colleagues who would also like to come, just grab a ticket for them as well.

Meet the nominees

Christoph Engelmayer

made his first steps with Neos CMS version 1.0. Since then he has successfully designed and developed ambitious web projects with Neos CMS. Last year he became Head of Development at asoluto with a clear focus on using Neos CMS as the system of choice for new projects. 

Foto Ganz-2835x2125.jpg

Jon Uhlmann

is a very enthusiastic Neos fan and successful plugin contributor and started working with Neos in the very early days. He became a proud member of the core team a year ago and still uses every chance he can get to evangelize the benefits of the system in professional presentations or socializing events. Jon is developer at gesagt.getan.

Robert Hanke

is responsible for countless content management projects, newsroom applications, intranets and CRM implementations for big and small companies in the public and private sector. About two years ago he discovered Neos CMS and immediately saw the potential. Since then Neos CMS is always an option for new ambitious projects. Robert is owner of

Robert Hanke-880x660.jpg

Roland Schütz

is the shooting star in the core team when it comes to documentation, both for integrators and editors. His manuals and how-tos include detailed screenshots or screencasts, while some are even bi-lingual. They've helped many people already and will keep doing so for sure. At work, he is managing partner at Code Q Web Factory.

Meet the jury

Florian Weiss

is executive director of SkillDisplay and is working as part-time teacher at HTL Rennweg Vienna.

Gerhard Boden

is working for gesagt.getan. in Salzburg and is a Neos core team member since late 2016.

David Spiola

is award category organiser, co-owner of web&co in Vienna and has been Neos Team member since 6/2018.

Open Minds Ball
Open Minds Award

Open Minds Ball

Come and meet the community

Meet the community

What would an award be without a big party? The organizational team arranged a nice evening in the Palais Wertheim on 9th November 2018 in Vienna Austria with live music and an awesome very diverse mix of many folks who are involved in open source projects and soft- and hardware development.

The team is looking forward to a successful sprint week in Salzburg at gesagt.getan. and a very pleasant evening at the award ceremony in Vienna. See you there folks, let’s rock the house!