Neos is now on GitHub

The development of Neos and Flow now happens on GitHub. Announced during Inspiring Conference at the end of March the move is now done.

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On August 18th the team started to move away from our trusted Gerrit setup to GitHub. It began with no more merges being accepted on (for the affected projects) and after two days all Neos and Flow installs (through Composer via Packagist) used GitHub already. By now some pull requests are open and we feel confident with the setup.

So this is to declare the new home of the source code of Neos and Flow open to the public! Here is detailed information on our use of GitHub as well as some FAQ.

Thanks to those involved with making the move happen as well as the brave people that tested things first!

Here are some FAQ on the move to GitHub (for those that decide not to read the more detailed information):