Neos Conference 2017

The first Neos Conference took place in Hamburg, Germany, on March 31st and April 1st 2017. It was an awesome event and we want to share the great keynotes, talks and showcases given at the conference as video recordings and slides.

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Day 1 - March 31st

Welcome by Sven Ditz and Keynote by Robert Lemke and Tobias Gruber

A round trip through your presentation layer in Neos by Dmitri Pisarev and Dominique Feyer

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Surely if you have ever developed a Neos website you had to write some Fluid templates and probably a few lines of Fusion. If you have some Flow development background you would know more about routes, actions and views. But how do Fusion and the View layer of Flow relate and how do you transcend the boundary between the two? Do you put this particular piece of logic into your Fluid template, Fusion object or a Flow plugin? It is time to demystify the black box of Neos content rendering and bring some clarity to our minds!

This talk will give you an in-depth understanding of the rendering process in Neos by guiding you from the frontiers of an HTTP request, down into Flow MVC land and then make a deep dive in Neos content rendering with Fusion. We will look at each technology in our rendering stack separately, and then at sensible ways to combine them in our projects.

Integrating with 3rd parties by Bastian Waidelich

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Domain-Driven Design is all about communication but we often only concentrate on the human-to-human part of it.
Let's explore why machine-to-machine communication is important too, and how it can be achieved with Flow and Neos.

I'll share some thoughts about APIs in general and demonstrate a GraphQL based implementation as an example of how to make Neos talk to other systems.

A practical introduction to event sourcing and CQRS by Robert Lemke

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Event Sourcing is supposed to be a great thing: silver bullet; at least. But only if your business case requires it. And if you event-source, you of course need CQRS. Unless you don't. After all, if it's business critical, you really want to use DDD.

Enough of the theory? How about some practical introduction to the world of commands, aggregates, events, projectors and process managers? After this session you'll surely have a better idea of what all of this is about.

Neos & Flow Showcases

Neos as a Shop by Christian Müller

Neos and Flow with Event Sourcing by Johannes Steu

Two stack CMS - Neos in an enterprise setup by Matthis Radke

Next to being a great CMS for editing and publishing websites on a single server, Neos also performs well in more complex enterprise setups. With the recent relaunch of the 1&1 sales partner portals we integrated Neos in a two-stack CMS setup, where editing/publishing and delivery of content are fully separated.

This talk gives an insight into the project and it’s architecture and how we managed to keep the great editor & developer user experience of Neos while building a highly available and performing solution with enterprise integration on top of it.

Atomic.Fusion and a living style guide for Neos by Martin Ficzel and Wilhelm Behncke

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Fusion is way more than glue between ContentRepository and template. It can be used as generic deterministic data-transformation engine. In this talk we present a way to directly implement a component architecture in fusion.

Together with Atomic.Fusion Sitegeist implemented a living Styleguide for Neos that is rendered directly using fusion prototypes. The project is open-source and enables a completely neos-based project workflow from prototyping to visual regression testing - all from a single codebase.

Search as main navigation by Daniel Lienert and Sebastian Helzle

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Your searchbox doesn’t need to be hidden in a corner. Put it in focus and allow people to quickly go where they can find the information they need. In this talk you learn how Neos allows you to offer autocompletion, suggestions and direct navigation to results while entering a searchterm. Also learn how type based rendering works for search results.

Keynote - Messages over Structure by Mathias Verraes

Structural models are prevalent in many applications. They assume keeping state is the central responsibility of a system, and build behaviour around that. Temporal models on the other hand have messages as their first-class building blocks.

A typical CMS is built with structural models, but perhaps it is time for us to challenge that view.

Let’s look into how concepts from message architectures and event sourcing can be applied to build better collaborative content management systems.

Neos Award

Congratulations to all Award winners in 2017 and thank you to everyone who submitted a project!

Day 2 - April 1st

Keynote - Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project by Jordi Boggiano


The open source world is made out of human interactions as much as it is made of code.

During this session, Jordi will be sharing his experiences as the Composer Project lead. He will show you glimpses into what it means and feels like to be the maintainer of a popular open source project.

By sharing his experiences, Jordi hopes that you will gain a better understanding of the human factor in the open source community.

No more “Lorem Ipsum” - wireframing and content first with Neos CMS by David Spiola

The talk is about using Neos CMS as THE tool of choice. Starting with wireframing as the first step, this talk is also about looping in the client as early as possible with real content. Using Neos CMS for the pre-production phase leads to a themeless transition to the final product and effectively improves the communication with the client.

The Neos React UI by Sebastian Kurfürst

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This talk gives guidance on the main features of the rewritten Neos React User Interface. We shortly explain the reasons and vision behind the rewrite and show how you can install the UI alongside the existing Neos UI.

We will also focus on how you can extend the Neos user interface - showing how you can write a custom editor, or hook into various extension points provided by the UI. We will show some React basics along the way; so no prior knowledge needed.

Lightning Talks

Passcreator: our journey to the cloud by David Sporer

Starting as a side project, Passcreator grew into a serious business throughout the last few years. Founder David will share insights on the challenges we had to solve, what we’ve learned by using Flow and describe our journey to a dockerized, scalable setup on Google Cloud.

Neos and SEO by Sebastian Helzle

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Neos allows you to analyze and improve your visitor numbers right where you edit content.

In this talk the integration of the Neos.SEO package is shown, how to integrate data from Google Analytics & Piwik and how you can use the semantic in Neos and Fusion to offer rich microdata to search engines.

From the Labs by Christopher Hlubek and Bernhard Schmitt

The Content Graph: Providing an efficient data structure for an event-sourced Neos Content Repository

With the content repository evolved from a simple tree to multiple trees representing different dimensions and workspaces with complex fallback mechanisms, it has become more and more difficult to maintain the current Node-only-based structure in a performant way.

The idea of separating content from structure and representing them as nodes and edges in a graph serves very well as a mental model and data structure as well as a master projection in the advent of event sourcing.

Conference Closing

Thank you!

We want to say thank you to everyone who organized, sponsored, attended, spoke at, supported, catered, streamed, provided wifi, tweetet, blogged about and helped at our first Neos Conference!

You are a great community!