Neos Con 2021 COVID Update March 2021

Save the date in your calendar for Neos Conference Online: Friday and Saturday, 7. and 8. May 2021

Be sure to submit your awesome Neos projects until 16th April for this years Neos Award.

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Hey Neos Community!

We wanted to give you an update regarding Neos Conference Online 2021 and here is Sebastian Kurfürst to tell you all about it:

The Covid Update

A few months ago, we were still optimistic we could have some number of people attending in Dresden - but as we at the beginning of the 3rd Covid-Wave in Germany, that definitely will not work out. Thus, we’ll run the Neos Conference in an online-only fashion.

This means that apart from the moderators, some speakers and the crew we need to produce the event, we won’t be able to have any attendees in Dresden. To ensure an as safe as possible environment for everyone on location, we will provide FFP2 masks and do daily antigen tests.

On a personal note, we are very sorry to everybody who signed up on the wait list and now cannot attend the event physically.

First Speaker Announcement

The schedule will be released next week, and is packed with great speakers and talks.

We’ll have Gina Steiner, who will talk about how to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.
We’ll have Sebastian Helzle, who will present the latest developments on the Media Module.
We’ll have Jon Uhlmann, who will present many learnings and approaches about Fusion.
We’ll have Ernesto Baschny, who will show how Neos runs on AWS.
We’ll have Dmitri Pisarev, who will talk about our learnings regarding React and State Management.

In addition to that, we have 10 more exciting talks coming up, also with great impulse speakers from outside the Neos community.

Sponsoring Neos Con

This year we are broadcasting to you from a bigger “studio” and also hired our regular Neos Con conference technician to support us with better video, light, sound and streaming performance.

So therefore, to cover the technical costs and maybe even start saving for our 2022 (big bang) event, we are looking for sponsors for the 2021 Online Event.

You can help us a lot by checking out the Online Sponsoring Packages at Silver and Gold sponsors can send us a 15 second video which we’ll broadcast directly before talks; and you can also send us a longer video of max 2 minutes, which we’ll show during lunch break and before the conference starts.

Please reach out to use via conference (at) or any other channel.

To wrap it up,

  • save the date in your calendar for Neos Conference Online, which will be live-streamed free on Friday and Saturday, 7. and 8. May 2021
  • you do not need to pre-register to attend the event.
  • The submission phase for the Neos Award is still running until 16th April; so be sure to submit your awesome projects!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re very much looking forward to see you in 6 weeks!