Neos Award Jury 2021

The jury for 2021 is looking forward to award your project!

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In a few days, the Neos Award jury can finally start their work. This year is even more exciting because we have two jury members who are not related to the Neos community at all. We are very happy to have them on board and we are eager to hear their opinions about your projects.

Hurry up, it's just a few days until the submission period ends!

We gathered all necessary information on the Neos Con website. We would love to award your project on 7th - 8th May at Neos Con 2021 ONLINE.

The Neos Award Jury 2021

Portrait of Jury Member Sreyleak Helzle

Sreyleak Helzle 

is the webmaster at Bruker BioSpin MRI and has worked with  a lot of CMS like Adobe EM, TYPO3, and Neos. She is involved in managing the development, testing and releases for the Bruker website. As both editor and end-user, she believes in simplicity and user experience. Also, she was excited when hearing that she can be part of the Neos Award jury and to see those exciting projects that will be submitted.

Portrait of Jury Member Meike Jung

Meike Jung 

is an information architect, consultant, and project manager for web applications with her label hexabinær. FOSS-educated by the Drupal community, she became a founding member of CMS Garden, a cross-CMS promotion project with the key message: "No CMS is simply the best. Any CMS can only be the best suitable for your requirements." Meike is passionate about usability, accessibility, and contributions.

Portrait of Jury Member Yanick Witschi

Yanick Witschi 

is a member of the Contao Open Source CMS core developer team. Even if you are using Neos CMS exclusively, you might still have used some of his code. If not via Symfony components then definitely while using Composer 2.0. He loves cooking, his guitar, basketball, tennis, politics, the African continent and astrophysics.

Portrait of Jury Member Stefan Regniet

Stefan Regniet

has been around and about the Neos community since its beginnings. He walks in between tech, marketing, agile and strategy and works in the Neos Core team for the marketing guild. His interests are cooking, writing, drawing, hiking and parenting.

Portrait of Jury Member David Spiola

David Spiola 

is Neos CMS team member who always strives to find the best solution for the task at hand. He would love to work according to the concept of the common good economy by creating value through appreciation.