Neos 2.1 to be released December 22nd

Neos 2.1 is to be released on December 22nd. It will contain a number of new features and a slew of other improvements and bugfixes.

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The next minor release of Neos, version 2.1, will contain new features, some of which are already known (like the improved workspace handling, allowing nested workspaces and change review). Some other feature are planned in, and will be included if merged before the feature freeze on December 15th.

An overview of the general tasks related to the release can be found in NEOS-1699. An overview of 2.1 as seen from our issue tracker is available, but keep in mind that there is a number of isseus that may be assigned to that version "by accident".

It would be great if as many people as possible would contribute with reviews, translations and any other way of helping out, so this is as great a release as it deserves. After the feature freeze a branch will be created, testing that will also be highly appreciated.