Another New Kid

Hey everyone! I'm Bastian, Neos Core Team member since the beginning of July. Allow me to introduce myself!

When you join Sandstorm, which I did in 2015, working with Neos is almost inevitable. Especially since the split from TYPO3, Neos has been the strategic platform for many of our projects, which is why I got in touch with Neos very soon after I started working there.

I soon realized that Neos is not only a fantastic, easy-to-use CMS, but also a project with some of the most talented developers I've met so far. Consequently, I got into Neos very quickly and learned an awful lot during the last two years.

When the split came and we decided to go all-in on supporting Neos, I contributed my share by founding the Neos Meetup Rhein/Main and writing various articles and blog posts about Neos. That led to some attention from the core team, which in turn inspired me to attend a few Neos sprints and meet the team. I can only recommend attending those sprints - not only will you learn a lot, but you will also have a fantastic time with a bunch of relaxed, easy-going and extremely smart people.

Bastian Heist

That's me!

Before I joined Sandstorm, I was a technical consultant for the plant maintenance module of SAP ERP at Merck, a large pharmaceutical company. Web development has always been my hobby, and I've done a bit of freelancing on the side since 2009. Joining the Neos project, however, was a whole new level of professionalism for me. There's no better way to grow your technical skills than supporting an open source project!

I will continue putting some effort into communication for the Neos project, by means of meetups, talks, blog posts and magazine articles. On the other hand, I am also going to support with development tasks in various areas. I want to thank to core team for inviting me and am proud to be a unicorn now!