An opportunity to grow

Hi folks, my name is David Spiola and I’m 35 years old. Since June 20th 2018 I play a new role in this awesome community - as a team member.

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Opportunities - they occur almost every day. Some of them are more or less important - or let’s say, they have more or less impact on where you go or what you do. In my opinion Neos CMS is an awesome opportunity. To do something fresh, something new, learn and grow - but also to lift content management to the next level.



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This is the opportunity I saw back then in 2013 when the first release hit the stage at the Inspiring Conference. It’s a bold move to start over from scratch and I asked myself “Why are they doing this?”. The best answer I have is that content management systems will play a new role in the eco system of content driven software development and that they need a solid foundation for the future.

The courage the team members had to build this future themselves inspired me to start my first Neos project (with release 1.0). Many years and projects later Neos CMS was the key technology for our business strategy in my company web&co. And it made me grow as a developer myself.

To be part of the Neos team is a great opportunity for me as a person and a great honour. This team consists of so many talented and - at the same time - kind people.

Every time when I witness people working with Neos CMS for the first time, I sense that same enthusiasms I had my self back in 2013. I want to do my part to help Neos grow and find new opportunities and achieve new milestones. And I encourage everyone to give it a try - it’s awesome!

Last, but not least, I found this slide on twitter and IMO it gives a good picture of how the team and the community work. If you agree, come to the next Meetup or get your ticket for the next Conference in Dresden - it definitely is an opportunity to grow.