Upgrade Instructions 3.2 → 3.3

By using composer, you can update an existing installation to a specific version, without having to create a new project.

For further information on what changed please take a look at the release notes and the changelog.


As always, before doing substantial changes, make sure you create a backup of the database and files!

cd /installation-root/
# Update the core package dependencies
composer require --no-update "neos/neos:~3.3.0"
composer require --no-update "neos/nodetypes:~3.3.0"

# Update optional package dependencies (if installed)
composer require --no-update "neos/demo:~3.3.0"
composer require --no-update "neos/site-kickstarter:~3.3.0"

If you have development packages in your composer manifest, update them to match as well:

# Update development packages (if installed)
composer require --no-update --dev "neos/buildessentials:4.3.x-dev"

Getting the new UI 

To upgrade an existing project to the new React UI have add the following dependencies.

cd /installation-root/
# Update the core package dependencies
composer require --no-update "neos/neos-ui:~1.0.0"
composer require --no-update "neos/neos-ui-compiled:~1.0.0"

Attention: If your project uses custom inspector-editors you will have to rewrite them for the new UI.

Internal API-changes

Some internal APIs were changed for this release and while this is technically not a breaking change you should review your code if you have custom code in one of the following areas:

  1. Custom Routers: The signature of the internal Router implementation has changed. In the unlikely case that you replaced the flow-router with a custom-router you have to adjust your code accordingly. 
  2. Custom inspectors-editors: If you implemented custom inspector-editors for the old ui you will have to reimplement them if you want to switch to the new React-UI. We prepared the package neos-ui-extensibility-examples to help you doing so.

Finish the update

# Update the packages
composer update

# Flush the caches
./flow flow:cache:flush --force

# Run code migrations (as needed for any packages that need to be migrated)
./flow flow:core:migrate <Vendor.PackageName>

# Run database migrations
./flow doctrine:migrate

# Publish resources
./flow resource:publish


You may have some legacy dependencies and configuration entries in your composer manifest. Feel free to check if the following is needed in your setup:

# Remove the following line from composer.json (if present)
"minimum-stability": "dev",
# Remove unneeded dependencies
composer remove --no-update "neos/flow"
composer remove --no-update "doctrine/migrations"

If you run into trouble with Neos content or resources, the following may help: 

# If you experience issues with pages not working, try
./flow node:repair

# If you experience issues with resources, thumbnail or assets, try
./flow resource:clean
./flow media:clearthumbnails