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composer require wy/neos-abtesting

A/B Testing for Neos


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Feb 08, 2024 08:43
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wysiwyg* - Neos A/B Testing

Neos Package Neos Project PHP 7.1 and above

This package provides a simple to use backend module and frontend container to run A/B tests in Neos.


Run these commands to install the package and update the database schema.

composer require wy/neos-abtesting

./flow flow:doctrine:migrate


 demo image

 demo image

This package offers a node container for displaying two different nodes for two different decisions (A or B).

You can add the A/B testing container to your constraints: Wysiwyg.ABTesting:ABTestingContainer

The container has two contentCollections:

  • itemsa
  • itemsb

By default these collections accept all content nodes. This can be changed by overriding the respective node configuration in your own NodeTypes.yaml file. An editor has to put one or more nodes in each content collection.

Both versions will always be rendered in the Neos backend. Per default version A will be displayed in the frontend if no feature has been configured and selected.

You can find an option group "A / B Testing" in each ABTestingContainer. This group provides a dropdown menu to choose which feature will be used for the container.

Preview Different Versions

Sometimes it is necessary to view a different version of the feature.
For viewing a different version add the "forceABVersion" GET-parameter into the url and assign the desired version as the value.

Show Version A
Show Version B

This parameter will not override the cookie value.

Backend-Module Usage

You will find a new "A/B Testing" menu item in the main menu of the Neos backend. The module "Features" will offer all necessary functions to manage A/B testing features. In the A/B testing dashboard you will find the following options:

  • "Create Feature": Add a new A/B test feature
  • "Feature List": Shows a list of all A/B test features

Feature List
 demo image


This package uses default values for creating a cookie.
There are several settings which can be modified for your own implementation.

      name: 'WYSIWYG_AB_TESTING'  
      lifetime: '+2 years'  

Per default the cookie has a lifetime of 2 years. Please consider that strtotime() is used to evaluate the lifetime setting's value if you need to adjust it.

Regarding Privacy (i.e. GDPR)

Please note that all A/B testing decisions will be saved in a cookie that by default is named "WYSIWYG_AB_TESTING" and has a lifetime of 2 years. This cookie will be created whenever a user opens the webpage for the first time.
It contains a raw JSON string which includes all names of the features and their decision (a or b).
Whenever a user enters the page and already has the cookie, it will be made sure that all active features are saved with a decision. If there are new features they will be added to the cookie and a new JSON string will be saved with all decisions.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Planned Features

We want to enhance the A/B testing with more solid features.

  • Decider-Chaining
    Right now it's only possible to add one decision to a feature.
    We want to make it possible to add a chaining of deciders for example DimensionDecision AND Percentage.


Sven Wütherich
Alexander Schulte
Eva-Maria Müller
Marvin Kuhn


This package is released under the MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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