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composer require neos/redirecthandler-ui

This package provides a backend module to manage Neos.RedirectHandler redirects


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This package provides a backend module to manage Neos.RedirectHandler redirects which are stored in Neos.RedirectHandler.DatabaseStorage.

Compatibility and Maintenance

This package is compatible with Neos 4.3, 5.x, 7.x and will be maintained for upcoming versions.


  1. Run the following command in your site package:

    composer require neos/redirecthandler-ui --no-update

  2. If you don't have dependencies for the other redirect packages yet you should also run the following command:

    composer require neos/redirecthandler-neosadapter neos/redirecthandler-databasestorage --no-update

  3. Run composer update in your projects root folder.

  4. Then you can add the RedirectAdministrator role to the users who need access to the new backend module.


Listing and editing redirects:

Redirects Module Screenshot

Search & filter redirects:

Filtering redirects


This package belongs to a group of packages which provides redirect functionality to the Flow Framework and to Neos. Therefore you can find the documentation regarding Neos here.


Please create issues on Github if you encounter bugs or other issues.

Working on the code

The basis of the backend module is built with Fusion and the UI for managing the redirects is built with React and Typescript.

Recompiling the js and css parts

  1. Use nvm so you have the correct npm version.
  2. Run yarn in the package folder.
  3. Run yarn watch during development or yarn build for a new release.


See the License.

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