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composer require kirchecom/site-genesis

Neos site package for, version Genesis site package "Genesis" Logo

This is a site package for use with the Open Source Content Application Platform Neos. If you don't have a Neos instance running yet, you most probably want to install the Neos distribution which includes this site package.


This assumes you want to install this package into an existing Neos installation. If you want to set up a new instance, please follow the instructions here. You don't need to install this package separately.

Please switch to the directory you installed Neos into. If you want to delete (!) existing sites, execute:

./flow site:prune "*"
rm -rf Data/Temporary/*

This will install the site package:

composer require kirchecom/site-genesis

Now either import the demo site:

./flow site:import --package-key "KircheCom.SiteGenesis"

Or start with an empty site:

./flow site:import --filename ./Packages/Sites/KircheCom.SiteGenesis/Resources/Private/Content/Sites.plain.xml

After installation just use your Neos backend to configure the site and set up content.

Development and Testing

We will gladly accept contributions and pull requests. There are npm scripts that help during development:

npm run build
npm run build:development
npm run watch
npm run watch:development

Fusion components in this package include styleguide information for Sitegeist.Monocle. The styleguide can be accessed from your Neos backend.

Additionally TestCafé automatic tests ensure proper rendering. To execute TestCafé just run:

npm run test

If you have the site package's demo content imported you can also run the demo content tests. Just execute:

npm run test:demo

To run both the styleguide tests and demo tests, npm run test:all can be used.


This package is licensed under the European Union Public License 1.2.

The content of the readme is provided by Github