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composer require flownative/nats

A NATS client for PHP.

MIT license Packagist


A PHP implementation of a client for NATS.

? Please note that this package is currently under development and not ready for general use yet.


Install the package using composer:

composer require flownative/nats

In PHP, open a new connection with

use Flownative\Nats\Connection;

// Connect to a server
$nats = new Connection(
        'username' => 'nats',
        'password' => 'password',
        'debug' => true

// Simple publisher
$nats->publish('foo', 'Hello World');

// Simple asynchronous subscriber
$nats->subscribe('foo', function($message) {
    printf("\nReceived a message: %s\n", $message->getBody());

This will open a new socket connection and send a CONNECT and PING to the given NATS server an do a simple PUB / SUB run:

 ?  Connecting with server via nats://localhost:4222 ...
>>>> CONNECT {"lang":"php","version":"dev-master@7dd6908c3e9f26e1094873a510547cd950bcb2c7","verbose":false,"pedantic":false,"user":"nats","pass":"password"}
<<<< INFO {"server_id":"MKfYbh2u0ZDgZrI5B1UaAv","version":"1.4.1","proto":1,"git_commit":"3e64f0b","go":"go1.11.5","host":"","port":4222,"auth_required":true,"max_payload":1048576,"client_id":69} 
>>>> PING
<<<< PONG
>>>> SUB foo vjxX30gfutwGDBxfLuKR
>>>> PUB foo 11
Hello World
<<<< MSG foo vjxX30gfutwGDBxfLuKR 11
<<<< Hello World
Received a message via sid vjxX30gfutwGDBxfLuKR: Hello World

You can reply to a message in the subscription handler like so:

// New subscribe which replies to a given message:
$nats->subscribe('hello', function (Message $message) {
    $message->reply(sprintf('Hello, %s!', $message->getBody()));

// Send a request which will be answered by the "hello" subscriber:
    function (Message $message) {
        printf("Request returned: %s\n", $message->getBody());



Unit tests can be executed with PhpUnit. A configuration file is included in the main directory. Unit tests are self-contained and don't need an actual NATS server running.

Protocol Buffer schema for NATS Streaming

Since NATS Streaming uses Google's Protocol Buffers for its messages, we need corresponding PHP classes according to the given schema. This is defined by means of a .proto file, which retrieved from the Go Nats Streaming project on Github. Based on this file, you can automatically create corresponding PHP code using the Protocol Buffers Compiler.

https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/downloads and install the compiler (called "protoc")


This package was developed by Robert Lemke as part of his work at Flownative. It was written from scratch, but significantly inspired by the work by Raül Pérez.


This package is licensed under the MIT license.


Pull-Requests are welcome. Make sure to read the Code Of Conduct.

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