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composer require carbon/backenddocument

A small Fusion prototype to create nice only-backend documents

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Carbon.BackendDocument Package for Neos CMS

Two small Fusion prototypes to create nice only-backend documents.

Version Neos Maintained
1.* 3.3.* - 5.*
2.* 4.* - 5.*
3.* 7.*
4.* 4.3.* - 5.*
5.* 7.*


Carbon.BackendDocument is available via packagist.
Run the following command in your site package

composer require --no-update carbon/backenddocument

Then run composer update in your project root.

Usage of Carbon.BackendDocument:Document

Property Default value Description
singleline true If you want to have a non-centric design, set this to false
content null The content to show
style null Add additional style to the document
title ${q(node).property('title')} The title of the document
namespace carbon-backend The namespace for the css class
javascripts null Add javscript to the document. Please provide also a script tag.
frontendRedirect.node ${q(documentNode).parent().get(0)} The node where the user get redirected in the frontend.
frontendRedirect.statusCode 301 The status code for the redirection
cssVariables null Add your own CSS custom properties
documentStyle Please take a look at the source code Modify/add/remove styles for the backend docment

Usage of Carbon.BackendDocument:Editable

If you use this prototype on a regular document, the editor has the default styling from Neos.Neos:Editable. If you use it on Carbon.BackendDocument:Document, the editor gets the look of an inspector field.

If a value gets updated, a Javascript event with the name Carbon.BackendDocument:Editable gets fired. This event has the following details:

  • element: the input/textarea/select field
  • property: the name of the property
  • value: The value of the property
Property Default value Description
node node A node instance that should be used to read the property.
property null The name of the property which should be accessed
type input Set the type of editor. For possible values look at the next table
options Neos.Fusion:DataStructure Used for type select and radio
optionGroups Neos.Fusion:DataStructure Used for type select
label null Prepend a label
placeholder null Overwrite the placeholder from the nodetype definition. This can also be dynamic
class null Add your own CSS class if you want to override some stylings
style null Add your own style to the root element
includeCSS true Inlcude the styling
inspectorStyle true If set to true and used under Carbon.BackendDocument:Document, the styling will adapt to the inspector style

Be aware! If one element on a document has set includeCSS to true, this get's included for the whole document.


Value Description
input No linebreaks, no tags, but autogrowing textfield
select Select values, uses options and optionGroups DataStructure
radio Select values, uses options DataStructure
block Default editor, block style
inline Default editor, inline style
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