What are we currently working on?

You might have read that we plan to release Neos 2.1 shortly before Christmas. However next to working on the release there are also plenty of other tasks we take care about. With this article we want to give a short overview on what people are currently working on.

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  • PackageManager refactoring
  • Node Query performance optimizations
  • Performance refactoring
  • Preparation for the Inspiring Conference (April, 21st - 23rd)
  • Organisation of the Meet Neos in Nuremberg
  • Working on the relaunch of neos.io

Currently we also plan a feature to add additional properties to media assets.
The current status is that we need to find out which requirements a DAM should fulfill. If you have an opinion about that, if you know what features are important or if there is a system you prefer, please feel free to tell us your thoughts. Every input is appreciated.

Another feature which is in planning mode is the automated creation of dummy content after a certain document (for example a page) is added. The following RFC describes the desired workflow for the editor and integrator and asks for feedback, also regarding a potential technical solution: RFC: Node Templates.

For more details on what exactly Neos team members are currently working on you can have a look at our activity logs: