Code Sprint March 2014

Last week we, the TYPO3 Neos team and several contributors, met in Rosenheim for the first big code sprint in 2014. We worked on some major features like localization, access rights and prepared the release of TYPO3 Neos 1.1 Beta 1.

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During the week our main focus lay on two major features: localization of nodes and access management.
The sprint started with a demonstration by Rasmus and Aske who showed the basic concept for the localization UI. Based on this we discussed the needed features and UI components and finalized the concept which built the basis for the tasks of the following days. Next steps were the creation of backend UI designs as well as the implementation of the different parts needed for the localization user interface (Christopher, Aske, Sebastian).

The topic access management was worked on in parallel. Mainly Andi and Bastian started with the implementation based on concepts which were already created in advance of the sprint. The policy inside Neos' Security Framework was rewritten based on the new concept. This built the foundation for fine grained access control in Neos. Features like the creation of mount points or specific user rights are possible as far as these new concept is implemented.

Bigger features like the content cache and content dimensions as well as the possibility to change nodetypes of existing content or the removal of Ext.Direct (Rens) were finalized, reviewed and merged during the sprint. Dominique took care about creating documentation for these new parts of the system.

These features build the basis for the upcoming TYPO3 Neos 1.1 Beta 1 release (planned for this week).


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Next to those major features we also worked on some other parts of Neos

  • Optimization and creation of Behat tests (Irene)
  • Rewrite of the site import/export to support Nodes instead of only whole sites (Christoph, Berti, Martin)
  • Rewritten resource management for TYPO3 Flow for cloud file support and integration in Neos (Robert, Rens)
  • Stabilization of removing nodes within content dimensions (Pankaj)
  • Schema request optimization: Rens worked on grouping the node type schema into one file so we don’t have to do a serie of requests to the server (which was a performance issue)
  • Node type constraints: Rens worked on defining constraints for content like “This column on the page can only contain text and image elements”
  • Localization of the Neos User Interface (Henjo & Pankaj). Henjo worked on the JavaScript side so the full user interface can be translated and Pankaj started from the server side for translating all Fluid templates. It could be that we can ship a translated backend together with the localization UI.
  • In relation to the UI localization Karsten worked on a translation tool for translating Flow & Neos packages.
  • The possibility to split node type configuration into multiple files was enabled allowing NodeTypes.Custom.yaml as well as the default NodeTypes.yaml. (Aske)
  • Moving content to different content dimensions so you can keep all the content that you created in older versions of Neos was prepared and is ready to use. (Christian)
  • Clearing the new content cache when typical templating files change was also worked on and is currently under review. (Christian)
  • Improvement of the “Find FlowQuery” operation allowing recursive search for child nodes as well as finding by identifier (Aske, Christian)
  • Improved node link view helper now allowing more arguments in sync with action view helper (Christian, Bastian)
  • Make TYPO3CR independent of Neos so it can be used for various Flow projects (Søren)
  • Various stability improvements and bugfixe
  • Preparation of 1.1, reviews, testing, bugfixing etc.


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