All about Neos Con 2019

The last days and weeks have been fully packed with reading all your proposals, talking to the speakers and assembling the Neos Con 2019 schedule.

First of all, thank you so much for your submissions and engagement! This event wouldn't be possible without you!

Just before Christmas, we want to share the first details about Neos Con 2019 with you! So, let’s jump right in. 

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More than 24 Speakers

Neos Conference is designed for you, the community, and to take everyone further. Besides your favorite Neos Core Team members, we also invited renowned guest speakers for you. To give you a sneak peek, here are our first three guest speakers:

Piotrek Koszulinski, lead developer of CKEditor. Piotrek will talk about the CKEditor 5 extensibility in Neos UI together with Sebastian Kurfürst. In a second talk, he is also going to take you on a journey through contentEditable now & then.

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Jennifer Wadella, lead front-end developer at a legal tech startup in Kansas City. By night she's the founder and president of Kansas City Women in Technology, a non-profit aimed at growing the number of women in tech careers in Kansas City. Jennifer will talk about Making Accessibility Testing Suck Less: An Intro to Pa11y.

Roland Golla, senior web developer and lead developer for large CMS portals and high-turnover eCommerce solutions, who is now focussing on Clean Code and software quality. He is also the founder of the Never Code Alone initiative.

Check out the first 24 speakers:
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Over 30 talks!

At Neos Conference 2018, we experimented for the first time with a second track, and well, it went pretty good. Sure, there've been some things we learned about it. In 2019, we want to extend the range of topics being covered, so that people can gain further inspiration and think outside the box. That’s why we looked for topics outside of Neos but related to Neos/Flow.

Check out the schedule:



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