Acknowledgements for Neos supporters

Meet our new digital badge family! Find out how to support the Neos project either by purchasing one of our new digital badges or getting one for your non-monetary support.

We are proud to present our new digital badges to acknowledge supporters of the Neos project:

The Neos digital badge family

The Neos digital badge family

The Neos project already offered longtime and onetime badges to acknowledge supporters of the Neos project but now we decided to raise the sponsoring concept to a new level. So we sat together in the marketing guild to work on a concept to incorporate more ways of support. These are the types of support we want to acknowledge with digital badges:

  • Employment of active team members of the Neos team
  • Longtime financial support
  • Core feature sponsoring
  • Event organization
  • Onetime financial support of e.g. sprints

Which support fits your needs?

Active Team Member Employer

Companies that employ and support one or more active core team members are rewarded with this badge for their investment in Neos (provided they support the core team members spending company time for their Neos work).

Active Team Member Employer

Digital badge for Active Team Member Employer

  1. Digital badge showing the current number of active team members of the Neos team.
  2. When a new team member is added, there will be a news on and the new team member will be added to the teams page.
Inform us to get your Employer Acknowledgement

Longtime Supporter

If you want to support the Neos project financially on a regular basis this is the right decision for you. We offer five levels from 50 € to 1000 € per month with a payment interval of three months. Your contribution will be used to advance the most important activities of the Neos project.

Longtime Supporter of the Neos Project

Digital badge for the Longtime Supporters of the Neos project

Bronze (50 € per month), Silver (100 € per month), Gold (200 € per month), Platinum (10.000 € annually) and Diamond (25.000 € annually) with a payment interval of 3 months.
At the moment we are working on an overview of the differences of these levels. So stay tuned it will be alvailale here soon!

Order a longterm support here

Core Feature Sponsor

A company or person is eligible for a core feature sponsoring recognition if money is spent on supporting a core feature exceeding the minimum threshold of 4.000 €. So if you've developed a core feature or employed a company to do so this is the badge you can apply for.

Core Feature Sponsor

Digital badge for Core Feature Sponsors


  • approx. 4.000 €
  • Digital badge


  • approx. 8.000 €
  • Digital badge
  • News mention on


  • approx. 20.000 €
  • Physical badge to stand on a desk
  • Digital badge
  • News mention on with the option to add a section about the company


Companies, where active Neos team members work on core features are not eligible for the core features sponsoring. The reasons being that we want to recognize the actual spending of money on Neos and we believe that the "Active Team Member Employer" is much stronger in its marketing effect.
There is an edge case, where another employee (not a core team member) of a company develops a core team feature. However, we agreed to not flesh this case out until it actually materializes.

Inform us to get your feature sponsoring acknowledgement

Event Organizer

Event Organizers get a recognition for their monetary and non-monetary efforts to organize an endorsed Neos event. For example

  • a Neos conference
  • a Meet Neos event
  • a Neos DevCamp
  • a Neos Bar Camp
  • a Neos Sprint
Event Organizer

Digital badge for Event Organizer

  1. Physical badge to stand on a desk
  2. Digital badge
  3. Mentioning in news, newsletter and official communication on

There are no different levels for an event organization, as the event itself produces marketing output and publicity corresponding to its size.

Inform us to get your organizer acknowledgement

Onetime Supporter

If you can't decide for a longtime financial support but still want to help the Neos Project, we have smaller onetime packages for current things which need your support. These packages vary from sprint support to e.g. brand support. Check out our funding platform, what kinds of packages we currently offer and get one! (They are not always available.)

Onetime Supporters

Digital badge for Onetime Supporters (not always available)

  1. Digital badge
  2. Mentioning in official communication in the social media
Order an onetime support here (if available)

These wonderful badges can be obtained on So go on, get one!
Thanks to sandstorm for building and supporting the funding platform!

Joining the marketing guild

The Neos marketing guild would love to have more members! If you are interested in marketing issues, usability, design or other marketing related areas, you are very welcome to join us! It doesn't matter which country you come from, we all speak fluent English and obviously not everything is about coding ;).

Simply talk to us during an event, write a mail to hello (at) or drop a note in the marketing guild slack channel (#guild-marketing).