An update for the Neos Brand

Neos as a brand with its own logo and its brand guidelines has been in existence for quite a while.
But it was still lacking its own clear identity: What makes Neos and its community so special?  
And what unites all of us?

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We had been in this process for some time and been discussing back and forth, since the concept is so intriguing and simple: 

A whole world is performing a massive digital transformation, fueled by an ongoing global pandemic. Businesses that hitherto were focused on products, on manufacturing or selling goods are turning into software companies in some sense.

Not all of them will use Neos of course, but we as a community can be of great help in their transformation if they do. And there are certain characteristics that most people in our community share and that make it just so special. If we were to name one out of the many, it most probably would be


Since the project's inception, the idea of curiosity was woven into the DNA of the project. So many team members nourished the idea with their input - not only code wise. Inline Editing, Content Repository, Workspaces, Extensibility - all brought to a new experience. A major rewrite of the whole User Interface and finally the Event Sourced Content Repository - how could those innovations have occured in the first place without the curiosity of the all the human beings involved? 

We think curiosity is the common denominator of those who decide to embark upon the Neos journey - developers, marketeers, agencies, editors and customers who trust a system that might not be the IBM in the CMS world. But they are curious and want that fun and lightness that is connected with Neos in their daily work.

We invite you to watch the video for more background on our thoughts, ideas, and how we want to go forward.


There is much more to say about brand, about tone of voice, respect and you name it. This is why we won't cover every detail in this article, but rather on our good old (new) brand page

As a first taste of what curiosity in the Neos world might look like, we invite you to 

  • dive into the topic
    (you might already have noticed those new key visuals that are asking curious questions)
  • share your thoughts
    (on twitter, discuss, slack and/or in person)
  • take part in our upcoming login-wallpaper votings
    (which will of course be all about curiosity)

The updated branding is in itself a starting point. Be inspired by it. Think about and interpret it yourself. Make it yours. Be yourself.

Stay curious!