Neos Award 2024

Award Categories and Award Winners 2024
Gold: Best Neos Project: Relaunch | queo next
Best Application: Profolio | S&B Institut für Berufs- und Lebensgestaltungs AG
Impact: Swiss electronic patient record (EPR) Website | ongoing GmbH
Innovation: myHogast | Format D & networkteam GmbH
Design & Usability: Jung von Matt Switzerland Relaunch | Jung von Matt Tech
Dedication & Contribution Award Winner: VSCode Fusion & AFX Language Server | Simon Schmidt

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A brief history of the Award

The Neos Award has been a tradition that reaches back to the year 2016. It was designed to reward the most outstanding Neos projects, but it has always been a community award. That means: It should reflect what has been happening in the community - which is not only huge projects and big brand names, but also groundworks that test out the edges and limits of the system in terms of usability and extensibility. 

From its inception, the Neos Award has been an ever-evolving phenomenon that utterly depends upon the submissions from the community. And whereas there might be valid reasons not to submit your project, money is no longer one of them: Since the first online-only conference in 2020 we skipped any fees and you can submit your project for free.

2024 Neos Conference - 064.jpg
Award Winners on stage 
Photo by Daniel Lienert


The 2024 evolution

We already announced some changes back in 2023 - when due to unforeseen and tragic circumstances the Award needed to shift. Still we stuck to our original plan and wanted to give the jury the opportunity to create categories depending on the submissions
And besides that, we wanted to also call out nominees - so that not only the final winners, but also other noteworthy project would be presented on stage.


Neos Award 2024 winners


Gold Award - Best Neos Project 2024 | queo next

The main award of the evening: we had a clear winner that convinced the jury in every respect. queo next presented us with their great project which they had put in a lot of effort and care. It is the first large Neos project that was fully built for Neos 9 and is now eagerly waiting for the official Neos 9 release to upgrade to that version.

Nominated in that category was also the Swiss Jung von Matt TECH with their submission for Helbling.

Congrats to the Gold Award winners from queo next
Photo by Michi Berhorst



Neos Award for Design & Usabilty | Jung von Matt TECH

The usability and the design for - and the official websites for all nine Jung von Matt Switzerland subsidiaries - convinced the jury in this very category. A lot of effort went into the design and the structuring of the backend. 

Also nominated in that category was the Marktplatz AG with Karriereportal Niedersachsen.

2024 Neos Conference - 059-4480x3362.jpg
Stefan Bruggmann from Jung von Matt Tech receiving the Award
Photo by Daniel Lienert



Neos Award for Innovation | Format D & networkteam 

Innovation lies at the core of Neos CMS. And myHogast does perfectly incorporate innovation by connecting Neos headlessly and seamlessly to a Next.js App with networkteam's package "Zebra".

Also nominated in that category was the AI Assistant NEOSidekick from Code Q.

2024 Neos Conference - 057.jpg
Innovation Award Winners Format D and networkteam on stage
Photo by Daniel Lienert



Neos Award for Impact | ongoing

By impact we mean which impact a project or a brand implies for Neos. And the Swiss Postal Service certainly has a huge meaning - and so has the Electronic Patient Record - fully built with Neos and on the Swiss Postal Service Design System. 

Also nominated in that category was the queo next with AOK - Deine Gesundheitswelt.

Stefan and David remote-interviewing Paavo Schmid
Photo by Michi Berhorst



Neos & Flow Award for Best Application | 
S&B Institut für Berufs- und Lebensgestaltung AG

As a so-called "Content Application Platform", Neos is more than a mere CMS. With Flow it brings its own Framework which allows you to use it to build world-class web-apps as well.
Profolio did so by combining Flow and Neos Features into one great application to help students find their own matching carreer-path.

Also nominated in that category was TechDivision with OELCHECK -

2024 Neos Conference - 054.jpg
Till Kleisli on stage for Profolio
Photo by Daniel Lienert



Neos Award for Dedication & Contribution | 
Simon Schmidt

Without Contribution, Open Source Software would never have been a viable solution and alternative to proprietary code. And Simon's VSCode Fusion & AFX Language Server helps every Open Source developer by making IDE functionalities for Fusion & AFX available in VSCode.

Also nominated in that category was Sebastian Helzle with his "CommandBar for Neos CMS"



Outlook for 2025

There will be a Neos Award 2025 - and we are already looking forward to a lot of interesting submissions! Please mark it in your calender to have your projects ready.

And if you want to join the jury, feel free to contact David, Stefan, Marika or Sebastian on Slack!