Neos Foundation e.V.

On 10th March 2020 the Neos Team founded the Neos Foundation e.V. located in Germany. It is a German association to support the Neos Project.

The Neos Foundation e.V. is the organizational home for all activities that require or benefit from a legal entity. It is designed to enable the Neos Project to provide funds for long-term development goals, which would not be possible otherwise. Funds are provided from supporters who buy one of our subscription badges on our funding platform.

We aim to create as little bureaucracy as necessary and to establish the e.V. as a supportive background player behind the Neos Project.


The objectives of the Neos Foundation e.V. are to 

  1. support the Neos Open Source Project
  2. and to have a significant positive impact for the common good and the environment.

This purpose is realized through the development, marketing, distribution and maintenance of software components of the Neos Open Source Project. Activities that support this are 

  • the organization of events
  • the protection of the Neos brand and similar rights
  • the support of the Neos Project community
  • the collection, administration and distribution of financial means
  • the operation of IT infrastructure.

As stated in section 2 of our Neos Foundation e.V. articles.


Every large open source project requires the help of outside funding in addition to the countless hours spent by the community - Neos is no exception.

Financial contributions help us to fulfill our cause: providing great experiences. They enable us to support the core team and community members to work on Neos, to organize events for our community and to increase the awareness for Neos and Flow in the market.

We would be extremely grateful if you joined our cause and became a Neos Supporter!

Members and Directors

Learn who are the members and directors of the Neos Foundation e.V.

What is an e.V.?

An e.V. is an association of people united by a common interest or goal. The abbreviations stems from the German "eingetragener Verein" which translates to "registered association". 

If you want to know who "owns" the association, read more.
If you want to learn why we chose a German association, read more.

Legal documents

Legal documents that are the basis of the Neos Foundation e.V. are:


Since the Neos Foundation e.V. is primarily for our own administration, you can use all contacts and interaction points you know from the Neos community. In addition, we have established the following means of contact:

Neos Foundation history

On 19th May 2017 the Neos Team founded the Neos Foundation CIC located in the United Kingdom. It was a community interest company (CIC) and thus a not-for-private-gain organization.

The Neos Foundation CIC was the organizational home for the Neos Project until the end November 2020. It was succeeded by the Neos Foundation e.V. which has the same goals and objectives as the CIC had.