Neos Brand - Revisited

The community around Neos has always been composed of people who want to explore, want to grow and want to extend borders - not only technically, but also personally. This is how Neos came to be and why from the first lines of code in 2006 until today it is still a refreshingly uncommon system and the community keeps starting things over new - and pull them through to production.

Whilst this might be opinionated, it is a fact that the world around us is changing faster every day. Old fashioned business is turning into software companies - if they want to survive this age of digital transformation. For those who are brave and curious and won't follow the beaten path, we are giving an opportunity to explore, grow and to extend their own borders. 

2020: A new direction for the Neos brand

Since releasing the Neos logo and brand guidelines a lot of things have happened.
This is why we rethink our brand from time to time.
Here is a video to give you some insights to where it is going to evolve.

Our identity in a disruptive world

Embracing curiosity

Our personalities comprise many different characteristics. But if we were to name a single one that is common to all of the Neos family, it most probably will be curiosity  

Taking courage

But curiosity wont get far without the courage to pull it through. The courage to not feel guilty for making mistakes - but being proud of working in an open source project.

Being positive and proactive

Being positive and proactive in a decent, humble and respectful way belongs to the most important feats in our community. We in the core team do our best to act as an example.

Embrace curiosity

and make your hands dirty


How we express ourselves


Our mindset is open, helpful and respectful. At the center of our experience and what we do is having fun - in the end this is how we are able to put in that extra energy. We value diversity - in human beings as well as in other projects.  


We want to talk about the journey and not only about the end results. When talking about your journey, you may be very personal and we do prefer that you show your personality - if you want. In the mean time we avoid buzz words and do not oversell. We do want to make people curious and help them to meet an informed decision.


We try to use real-life images from former events; when possible, do not use simple business-like stock photos that don't communicate. Show your and our curiosity. Let's make people understand our identity and find those curious fellows that want to embark on the Neos journey.

Brand Guidelines

You can use the guidelines laid out by the Neos Brand Guide to represent Neos in a consistent and recognizable way.

If you have any questions about the Neos brand, contact us at hello (at) or in our Slack channel.

The Neos Brand Guide can be accessed on GitHub.


Neos Logos


We provide different logo variants for the different use cases on github, but you can as well download all logos at once.