Neos Conference 2024 - Recap

The Neos CMS Conference Days 2024 recently concluded, and it was an event to remember! 

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Starting from 29th of May up to 1st of June, Karlsruhe became the welcoming city for all the enthusiasts of the digital world. Developers, designers, editors and many more from all around the world decided to gather to share knowledge, network and celebrate with the Neos community. By consolidating everything into a single venue, we not only maximized our time together, but it made a real difference, giving us extra opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Take a look at our highlights for this monumental event.

The journey began with a Warm-Up Day, setting the stage for what promised to be an extraordinary conference experience. Attendees gathered, eager to immerse themselves in all things Neos. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as participants mingled, exchanged ideas, and prepared for the enriching days ahead.

Neos Con 2024 Drone photo
The "S" made of conference visitors to finalise our "Neos" drone photo series

It felt like a family reunion, when we kicked off the conference on May 30, with folks from all over gathering in Karlsruhe, ready to dive into all things Neos CMS. From the thought-provoking keynotes to the different talks throughout the day there was something for everyone. We explored and dived into the newest updates of Neos CMS, but more than that, we shared stories, laughed, and forged new connections that would last long after the conference ended.

Neos 9 brings with it a wave of excitement and anticipation, promising groundbreaking features and enhancements that will redefine the Neos experience. From improved performance to streamlined workflows, Neos 9 is poised to empower users like never before. Meanwhile, Neos 8.4 continues the tradition of excellence, delivering stability, reliability, and a host of new features that elevate the platform to new heights. Together, these updates represent the ongoing commitment of the Neos community to pushing boundaries and delivering best-in-class solutions for content management.

Neos Con 2024 Orchestra
The Neos community orchestra playing "NeosCon 2024 opening"

The announcement of the Neos 9 update had us all leaning forward in anticipation, eager to hear about the latest advancements. Throughout the day, discussions delved into a diverse array of topics, from AI integration to Neos Themes, case studies, developer experience, software architecture, performance, recent updates and beyond. It was inspiring to witness the depth of knowledge and expertise within our community as we shared insights, celebrated successes, and learned from each other's challenges.

At the Neos CMS Conference Awards 2024, outstanding projects and individuals were recognized for their exceptional contributions to the Neos community.

  • Gold: Best Neos Project: Relaunch | queo next
  • Best Application: Profolio | S&B Institut für Berufs- und Lebensgestaltungs AG
  • Impact: Swiss electronic patient record (EPR) Website | ongoing GmbH
  • Innovation: myHogast | Format D & networkteam GmbH
  • Design & Usability: Jung von Matt Switzerland Relaunch | Jung von Matt Tech
  • Dedication & Contribution Award Winner: VSCode Fusion & AFX Language Server | Simon Schmidt

The Neos Awards are always a testament to the passion and dedication of individuals who go above and beyond to make a difference in the Neos community.

Learn more about the Award winners here.

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Neos Con 2024
Various Neos community members getting helped and helping each other with their first of hopefully many future contributions

The contribution day after the conference gave many Neos community members a chance to learn more about how to contribute to Neos with their individual set of skills. Various Neos core team members and already experienced contributors helped them to get their first code change or other kind of contribution "ready for review". Even this blog post was written by a first time contributor.

Together, we'll continue to innovate, collaborate, and inspire, shaping the future of content management for years to come.

To everyone who played a part in making Neos CMS Conference 2024 a success, thank you. Your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm are what make the Neos community so special. Here's to many more adventures together!

Watch Neos Con 2024 on YouTube!

As usual, we have live-recorded Neos Con 2024 and you can access both days and stages on Youtube. The single talks will follow once they've been cut.