Neos Sprint in Kiel

Join us in Kiel and help us kickstart the new Event-Sourced Content Repository for Neos.
This sprint is taking place from September 18th to 22nd 2017 and will be hosted by networkteam

What we will be working on in Kiel

Every few months a company supports the Neos community by organising a sprint. This is a great chance for you to meet the core team and to start contributing to the Neos project. For each sprint, we decide on important topics to be worked on and to make Neos an even better tool for you to be used in exciting projects.

In Kiel, we will be focusing on our Event-Sourced Content Repository. Below you will find two videos and a blog post, showing you the basics of what we will be working on during the sprint:

Join the Sprint

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Why should you join this Sprint?

  • You have the chance to meet the core team and other community members
  • You can learn a few tips and tricks while working on the very core of the project
  • It is an opportunity to give your input and to implement features that you would like to have in Neos
  • Leave your routine for a few days to try something new
  • Most importantly it is about having fun and meeting other people, that are as passionate about Neos as you are ;)

What do we do at the Sprint?

This is how a sprint normally goes.  

  • We all speak English ;)
  • We sync each other and do some planning for the days to come
  • We take breakout sessions to discuss certain topics
  • We share and discuss ideas
  • We play some music and start hacking, texting, designing, ...
    ..., working together, to get Neos to the next level. 

During the sprint, you will team up with the experienced people in a group of 2 or 3 or more. And they will support you the best they can, to give you a great start into the Neos universe. See you at the sprint!

See you at the sprint!

The Neos Team