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Unikka was founded this year by Markus Günther as a sole proprietorship and offers development, consulting and training. The focus is on mobile applications based on React-Native and web applications based on NeosCMS.Open source is not only a tool, but also a matter close to the heart. According to the old motto "inspire to share", we don't just take, we also give something back to the community. In this sense we support the Neos community in core development and much more. 


Bahnhofsiedlung 5
39365 Sommersdorf - Germany

Provided services

 Number of employees: 1
  • Freelancer
  • Consulting
  • Package development
  • Integration - Website development
  • Support
  • Trainings / Workshops
  • Core development


  • Neos Dedication Award 2021 (LoginAs For Neos)

Neos packages

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Funding badges

  • Active Team Member Employer 1
  • Long Time Supporter Organization Bronze
  • New Media UI - Individual
  • Tree Multi-Select (200)
  • Event Sourced CR Individual
  • Small Supporter

Sponsorship badges

50€ per Month<sup>1</sup><br>Payment Interval: <br>3 months
employs<br>1 Team member