ACTICO - formerly Bosch Financial Software - is an international supplier of software for Decision Management with offices in Germany, USA, and Singapore. ACTICO develops and sells specific software solutions and technologies for banking, insurance and financial services for the management of operational decisions. ACTICO is one of the leading suppliers in the area of rule-based solutions with more than 100 customers in Europe, North America, and Asia.

How Neos made the difference

Neos allowed us to build a website tailored to ACTICO's needs. The responsive design was a key element to deliver a great visitor experience regardless of the user's device. We used Neos's content dimension feature to implement languages and allow for language targeting.

ACTICO wanted to realize multiple contact forms which could easily be implemented with an API interface in Neos. Neos also allowed the optimization of performance and SEO aspects for a better user experience and a top Google Page Speed.


Realization of the website in responsive design for an attractive and clear product portfolio presentation as well as references presentation

Language content dimensions

Implementing multilingualism with language selector and language targeting

SEO optimization

Optimization of performance and SEO aspects for a better user experience and a top Google Page Speed

Andreas Baimler, Marketing & Sales ACTICO

We are extremely satisfied with the result – our expectations were more than fulfilled. Despite the high demands in a short time, we now have a very highly performant website.

Andreas Baimler, Marketing & Sales ACTICO



About the agency

As an innovative online business, we support numerous national and international customers in the realization of web projects since 1997. Our focus is on Magento, corporate websites and intranet solutions based on TYPO3 CMS and Neos CMS and additional services around performance marketing such as SEO / SEA, usability and conversion optimization, web tracking and social media.