Neos Award 2018

sponsored by Mittwald

Following last year's Neos Award, we want to recognize outstanding Neos projects.

If you implemented a great Neos project with an excellent technical implementation, brilliant design, demanding complexity or another noteworthy feature, please submit it for the Neos Award!


Please send your submission for the Neos Award to until March 2nd 2018.

Your submission must include the following information:

  • Name of the project
  • Short description of the project
    • what is the project about
    • why is your project Award-worthy
  • URL to the project

A submission fee of 200€ (excl. VAT) applies for every submission.*


Mittwald, a family-operated web hosting company, has been the partner for freelancers, web and ad agencies alike since 2003. You get competent 24/7 support which includes excellent advice on CMS und eCommerce solutions. Perfectly orchestrated tools make your everyday work easier. Originally, the company grew on the rise of TYPO3 – today we offer many other systems on top, such as WordPress, Shopware and especially NEOS, which Mittwald has been a supporter of from its very beginning. Mittwald has 140 people working in Espelkamp for you with our own data center right at site. Local, reliable and eager to please.

Neos Award Winners 2017

Neos CMS Gold Award

1&1 Vertriebspartnerportal – ‪‎networkteam, Sandstorm, netlogix Web Solutions

Neos CMS Silver Award – ‎Passcreator

Neos CMS Bronze Award – ‪CORE4

Excellence Awards

H-Hotels – ‪‎sitegeist‬

Swisscom Mailer – ‪Web Essentials

Silberregion Karwendel – ‪CAMAO AG

* The fee is meant to prevent floods of "standard" submissions and should help us to organize the award