Neos Award 2018

sponsored by Mittwald

Following the 2017 Neos Award, we wanted to recognize outstanding Neos projects.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their project, it was a tough choice, every submission was special, but now we want to congratulate our 2018 winners:

Neos Award Winners 2018

Neos CMS Gold Award for VVW – ‪

Neos CMS Silver Award 

Canyon Bicycleswysiwyg*

Neos CMS Bronze Award

CANUSA – sitegeist‬

Excellence Awards

sitegeist Monocle – ‪‎sitegeist‬

HSSO – ttree




Andreas Förthner

Andreas Förthner is head of "web solutions" at netlogix in Nuremberg. He is a technology provider in areas like content management, eCommerce and application development for medium-sized and big companies or agencies. 


Aske Ertmann

Aske Ertmann is a location independent freelance full-stack web developer who’s been helping shape Neos since 2011. He’s played a lead to some of the largest projects based on Neos and been involved. Additionally author of several popular Neos and Flow packages.


Gerhard Boden

Gerhard Boden is a passionate web developer from Salzburg, Austria and has been a member of the Neos Core Team since November 2016. As a senior developer at Salzburg based agency gesagt.getan. he is in charge of developing Neos based projects of every scale.


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* The fee is meant to prevent floods of "standard" submissions and should help us to organize the award