Sebastian Kurfürst

Sebastian Kurfürst



Sebastian is a member of the Flow and Neos team almost since its inception. He is most known for his work on Fluid, Extbase and Fusion (TypoScript), but has worked on other parts of the source code as well. As software architect at Sandstorm he helps to build relevant solutions for clients, helping them to choose the right frontend and backend technologies. In his free time, you'll most likely find him climbing, but he also enjoys good food and delicious wine.

Talk: The Neos React UI

This talk gives guidance on the main features of the rewritten Neos React User Interface. We shortly explain the reasons and vision behind the rewrite and show how you can install the UI alongside the existing Neos UI.

We will also focus on how you can extend the Neos user interface - showing how you can write a custom editor, or hook into various extension points provided by the UI. We will show some React basics along the way; so no prior knowledge needed.