Sebastian Helzle

Sebastian Helzle


Sebastian fell in love with web development when he was 12 and the road led him to TYPO3 and other great technologies. Now he is focused on Neos CMS, Scrum and Continuous Integration and helping teams as Certified Scrum Muster or Product Owner.

Talk: Neos and SEO

Neos allows you to analyze and improve your visitor numbers right where you edit content.

In this talk the integration of the Neos.SEO package is shown, how to integrate data from Google Analytics & Piwik and how you can use the semantic in Neos and Fusion to offer rich microdata to search engines.

Talk: Search as main navigation

(together with Daniel Lienert)

Your searchbox doesn’t need to be hidden in a corner. Put it in focus and allow people to quickly go where they can find the information they need. In this talk you learn how Neos allows you to offer autocompletion, suggestions and direct navigation to results while entering a searchterm. Also learn how type based rendering works for search results.