Robert Lemke

Robert Lemke



Robert Lemke is founder of the Neos Open Source Project and initial creator of the Flow Framework. He's also co-founder and CEO of Flownative, a venture supporting web agencies and organizations to realize successful projects with Neos and Flow. Robert lives in Lübeck, Germany, together with his wife, two daughters, and Rocket, their espresso machine.

Talk: A Practical Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS

Event Sourcing is supposed to be a great thing: silver bullet; at least. But only if your business case requires it. And if you event-source, you of course need CQRS. Unless you don't. After all, if it's business critical, you really want to use DDD.

Enough of the theory? How about some practical introduction to the world of commands, aggregates, events, projectors and process managers? After this session you'll surely have a better idea of what all of this is about.