Martin Ficzel

Martin Ficzel



Martin is a backend-developer at sitegeist neos solutions GmbH in Hamburg. 
Since two years he focused his work almost exclusively on Neos and Flow and is still happy with this decision. In 2016 he joined the Neos CMS Core Team where he is working to extend the possibilities of the Neos-Fusion rendering layer. Martin lives in Hamburg with two kids and his girlfriend. Besides work he likes nature and climbing.

Talk: Atomic.Fusion and a Living Styleguide for Neos

(together with Wilhelm Behncke)

Fusion is way more than glue between ContentRepository and template. It can be used as generic deterministic data-transformation engine. In this talk we present a way to directly implement a component architecture in fusion. 

Together with Atomic.Fusion Sitegeist implemented a living Styleguide for Neos that is rendered directly using fusion prototypes. The project is open-source and enables a completely neos-based project workflow from prototyping to visual regression testing - all from a single codebase.