We strive to document as much as possible to help and guide you into Neos and it's surroundings, below you will find a list of all available documentations sorted by category and package. Ist something missing? We would love it if you either give us a hint or even submit a change yourself!

Neos and Flow

Getting Started with Neos

If you are new to Neos and have just installed your first Neos site, head over to the Getting Started guide of the documentation. It explains the most important features of Neos and contains further installation information.

Getting Started Guide


An open source Content Application Platform based on Flow. A set of core Content Management features is resting within a larger context that allows you to build a perfectly customized experience for your users.

Neos Documentation

Flow Framework

Flow is the PHP framework made by the Neos community, first and foremost as a base for Neos, a Content Application Platform and CMS.

Flow Documentation

Other packages

Flow Form Framework

The Form API is an extensible and flexible framework to build web forms based on the Flow PHP framework.

Flow Form Framework Docs

Neos Google Analytics

A Google Analytics integration package for Neos

Neos Google Analytics Docs

Neos Media

A media management package for Flow applications

Neos Media Docs

Neos SEO

A SEO addon for Neos

Neos SEO Docs

Neos RedirectHandler Adapter

A Neos adapter to the Flow RedirectHandler.

Neos RedirectHandler Adapter Docs

More documentation

This page lists only "official" packages and their documentation. If you have other packages, check their Documentation folder, it may contain more information about usage. Also, searching on might turn up results. And if you still don't find the documentation you need, why not write it yourself?