About Neos

Founded in 2006 - independent since 2015

The Neos project was started in 2006 by Robert Lemke and quickly joined by a group of talented and ambitious software engineers who had a vision of how content management and editing should be like. Still under the umbrella of the TYPO3 project they set out to create an innovative content management system that would make editing websites fun again.

In 2015 the Neos Project became independent and we have since set a solid foundation for it's future growth. 
The vibrant community around the Neos core team is helping to develop two awesome products: Neos and Flow. 

Open Source

We are committed to the open source idea. The community that has formed over the years is an integral part of the
continued development of Neos and Flow. Neos is published under GPLv3 and Flow under the MIT license.

We believe that being open source software will help Neos and Flow become ever better quality software.

Neos Foundation

We have already put a lot of thought into our idea of a Neos Foundation and are currently
preparing this new organizational home for Neos and Flow.

We will share more information as they become available.